Trial of the human race with thieves! – clock | Watch repair and maintenance center

First of all, let me mention the topics that you have published on the site, such as title, content, image, etc. I will file a lawsuit against those who steal in whole or in part, those who use my trademark in the workplace, on the invoice, on social media, in short, in any way, within the laws of the Republic of Turkey. I will apply for compensation retroactively. When I set up the site, I installed it in one of the links above as a warning. Come on, the lock does not withstand the thief!

Now you might be wondering why such a post came out. You know, I can (d) stream for a long time since I refrained from writing articles. And to be nicer, I was preparing articles for days and hours on the computer with great effort. In the same way, the time for those who are only interested in the profession is worth it.

I know that every article written here, every publication is and will be a cornerstone of the watch industry. Even years later, when the information is completely free, people will still be able to enter that site and find bits of information on every corner.

But let’s face it, there is a difference between being human and being ‘human’. Thieves take a few minutes to copy the work done by making all the effort, spending time, sacrificing health and copying prepared articles. Isn’t it painful?

Theft is not just about theft, but unnecessary questions, emails, letters, those who dream and ask for support, those who take a job as a hobby and want to get a 10 year job in 10 minutes, those who send trouble for news, lock people up, time thieves and ego sufferers and so on. These are the people who are always the killers of good intentions.

After seeing these thieves, shameless scammers who wasted my time and effort for purpose, I decided to keep the articles much shorter and post the pictures less than before.

I will not publish every step of the repair and maintenance operations, nor will I give advice. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are good at using good intentions! Dealer or non-dealer…it doesn’t matter. I don’t say dealer, I say dealer because you’re not a dealer, you’re not a master at all.

Additionally, I acknowledge that I will not be purchasing every hour from every customer, and that I will work with customers who will appreciate the effort.


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