T8 smart watch Review New Full Specs

T8 smart watch is one of the latest budget-friendly round-the-clock smart phone with a lot of features that come along with it. The round screen of T8 smart watch is filled with Super AMOLED touch screen that has a resolution of 401 pixels per inch. This touch screen gives you enhanced sensitivity and accuracy when typing. It also has a dual camera with a mode of voice recording as well. Other features of this T8 include Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, dual memory card, USB connectivity, WiFi Direct, GPS Flyback, accelerometer, proximity sensor and much more.

T8 smart watch Review 

As far as the internal processor of t8 smart watch model is concerned, it is of dual-core architecture and therefore is great for entertainment purposes too. There are tons of apps that can be loaded into the mobile phone, including ones like games, net book, camera, diary, music player, calculator, contacts, e-mails and so on. With all these apps loaded into the device, your mobile phone is always ready to take on whatever task comes its way. You can use it for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, playing games and lots more.


There is also a pedometer built-in in t8 smart watch. It helps you keep track of your calorie intake and burnout. The pedometer is connected to the Bluetooth transmitter of your mobile phone. Once you take a measurement, the software system of your mobile phone transfers the information to the pedometer application on your watch. From here, the information is displayed as a gauge on your wrist or arm.

T8 smart watch Models

Another feature of t8 smart watch that is pretty cool is its fitness companion. This watch comes with two different pieces. One piece includes the sensor bar which measures the motion of your hands and the second part of the watch has thetf card. The sensor bar measures the amount of movement made by your hands. When you put pressure on the card against the sensor on the watch, it will alarm you when your arms do any movement. t500 smart watch

This watch has two different settings as well. You can have it as a manual mode or a low-activity mode. The settings can be changed with the help of the t8 smart watch’s touch feature. For manual mode, the watch will start with no battery at all. You have to manually control its movement. For low-activity mode, you have to set the time limit so that your workout will be tiring enough.

There are some major points that need to be noted before deciding to buy. Smartwatch are really useful in monitoring the heart rate, speed, and calorie count. However, most of them only have basic features. You can either go for a Bluetooth or a wireless device. Bluetooth wireless device is much more advanced than the Bluetooth wireless device. With a Bluetooth wireless device, you can attach it to your gym bag or any other kind of wireless device easily. rolex  watch 16233 gold review

T8 smart watch Price

Network Frequency Response (CFR) is another point to be considered while choosing a fitness or sports watch. You should find a device with a Network Frequency Response (NCR), which is very high. The Network Frequency Response depends on the cell phone signal strength. Some cell phones do not support high CFR which means that the performance of t8 smart watch with this feature is very low. If you want to enjoy faster performance, then go for a high CFR device.


The final specification includes the battery life. Can run for approximately one year if it is properly maintained. However, if the manufacturer provides you with a spare battery along with the product, then you do not have to worry about the life of your device. You can use the spare battery to the battery run out. The weight of t8 smart watch varies from one model to another.

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