Skagen Sustainable Collection: Embrace nature with Aaren Naturals

We, who are building the future, must work together for a clean environment and a sustainable environment. It is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and to take a more proactive and constructive role in addressing current environmental problems. For this, we need to reduce our potential harm to the environment in all areas of our lives and take steps to solve existing problems. As we take action to fulfill all of our environmental responsibilities, the Skagen design team is ready to play their part in this mobility. Aaron Naturals watch He brings us his collection.

Back to nature Inspired by nature

While Denmark-based watch manufacturer Skagen is frequently cited for its innovative, minimalist and minimalist designs in a wide design range, it clearly shows us that it does not fall short of being a nature-responsible brand. Skagen unveils modern, responsible wristwatches with its Aaren Naturals collection, and also unveils a distinctive design line for its strict adherents. Skagen wrist watch The models that do not deviate from the classic design line of the models in general offer a cool and harmonious aesthetic look within the Aaren Naturals collection. The most important element that complements the visual features, completely inspired by nature, is that the models are produced with recycled content. Models with stainless steel cases clearly reveal the brand’s environmental statement with leather straps made of mulberry bark, cork and apple. Taking into account all these characteristics Skagen watch Aaren Naturals, one of her family’s great collections, embraces those who want to return to nature with their attitude, style and collections.

Pro-Planet Collection: Aaren Naturals

Global warming, environmental pollution, air pollution and many other environmental problems… We are in our hands to correct these problems and create a healthy environment for future generations. Preferring recyclable clothing and accessory products is one of the steps we can take at this point. The elegant wristwatch models in the Aaren Naturals collection from Skagen offer one step you can take at this point. Models that appeal to environmentally responsible men and women in terms of their visual features and the materials used in their production enable you to complete your collections with Pro-Planet standards. The SKW2974 has a design that clearly reveals the message the group wants to deliver. This model, which has optical features that create the appearance of the cork surface on its dial and strap, crowns this natural texture with a gold-tone case. Skagen Women’s Wristwatch SKW2974, which has a striking design line among its models, vividly reflects the classic Skagen image with its design of the hour, minutes and pointer. The model, produced with more than 50% recycled content, is here with production technologies that reduce the consumption of natural resources …

Show your love for nature and nature

Aaron Naturals One model that clearly demonstrates the range’s natural and simple design line is the SKW2972. Representing the elegance of clear skies with its dark blue strap and open dial, the model once again defines elegance with gold detailing. Skagen Aaron Naturals Another model with similar integration in its range is the SKW2973. The model, which has a brown leather strap and green paper/copper dial, sparkles with its forest-breathing aesthetic.

You can browse the range of Aaren Naturals, which includes many models, at, the sole distributor of the Skagen brand in Turkey. You can quickly order the model that represents your environmental awareness and suits your taste!

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