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Rolex Submarine Noob V11 and others. The Submariner 116610LN and 116610LV watch market is very dynamic, many watch factories have started to participate in this game, before there were only BP, Noob and AR, now other factories like V6 and XF have joined the competition and released copies of Submariner 116610LN and 116610 LV. At the same time, in the face of competition from other manufacturers, especially from ZZF, Noob announced the V11 Submariner.


This is good news for us. Noob last month slashed the prices of their V10 Submariners, and we all know why because they feel the competition from ZZF and don’t want their stellar products to lose market share, so while cutting prices, Noob is finding a way to improve their Submariner 116610LN and finally 116610LV V11 a few days ago.

Rolex Submarine Noob V11 and others.

Noob said the green tire of 116610LV was redeveloped in V11, the green ceramic tire in V8 and even V10 is not very pure, not as good as the green tire in ZZF 116610LV, this time Noob said the green tire is clear. The V11 can beat all the other factories, I don’t know if that’s true, it takes time to prove it. Hopefully Noob has fixed all the issues with the green ceramic frame, meanwhile, the price of the 116610LV V11 is higher than the 116610LV. Another improvement lies in the bezel, its shiny pearl, Noob added a sapphire crystal cover over the white pearl to prevent scratching.

NOOB V11 et al….

The tire markings have also been improved, and Noob used platinum powder to coat each tire mark to prevent the tire marks from darkening after getting wet. This is a big problem that Noob couldn’t solve before, is it now solved in V11? We still need time to prove it, but we definitely think it is.


Another big improvement is the buckle, whose construction is closer to the original Submariner. Besides these improvements, other details have also been upgraded, some parts of the watch such as the case, bezel, case back, handles, bracelet and clasp are completely interchangeable with the original watch parts. All in all the Submariner from Noob is a very good watch, I always recommend it to my clients if they want a reliable watch as their first replica watch, for those who are not on a budget I recommend the V10 Submariner because its special price is there, for those who want the perfect Submariner 116610LN, V11 would probably be a good choice. If you want a green 116610LV chassis, I still recommend buying it from ZZF, because its green tire is already well tested.

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