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Rolex 16233 For the watch connoisseur, a perfect watch to express himself and impress others comes in the name of the Omega Rosetta Stone. Designed by the well-known Swiss watch maker, Omega, the Rolex 16233 boasts of its own design that’s truly unique and has all the qualities one would look for when buying a watch. It is water resistant to a certain degree and comes with a sapphire crystal. This watch can be used for any purpose whether work or play.

There are two kinds of this wonderful timepiece that one can choose from and they are the automatic and manual. These models, have their own unique characteristic and it is due to this factor that Omega has managed to create two varieties with different features and attributes. They include the manual winding and the datejust models. The manual winding watch has a bigger dial containing only twelve diamonds. It also comes with a date function and a self-winding movement.

Rolex 16233 colors

The other model is the datejust watch. This particular model has its own unique design that features a round dial and has hands which are situated just above the numbers. The other important feature of this watch is its sapphire crystal. This is what allows the case of the watch to remain dust free. Tüm bu noktalar göz önünde bulundurulduğunda, Rolex 16233’ün temel özelliklerinin dikkatinizi çekeceğini mutlaka göreceksiniz.


The other significant feature of the Omega watch is its ability to offer accurate time as well as precision. Its round dial is illuminated from within thanks to the addition of sapphire crystals that allow for greater legibility. There are also other interesting features such as the backlight, which allows the user to read the time even in dimly lit conditions. Apart from this, there are some other interesting key features of the Rolex 16233 which you would love to see in a luxury timepiece such as these two.  rado watch 



In terms of the watch’s case, it comes with a steel bracelet with deployment clasp which makes for a sturdier watch. It also features a stainless steel back plate which also adds on some masculinity along with the fact that the reference number is illuminated in blue. Another nice aspect of the Rolex 16233 is its mineral dial that is offered in nine colors making it more appealing to the eyes.

Rolex 16233 Models

The model’s stainless steel bracelet which has deployment clasp comes complete with push button studs along with deployment clasp. At first glance, this may not seem to be something that you will find in a high-end luxury watch but if you take a closer look, you would realize that this feature adds on to its appeal to the eyes. The reference number 16233 and the three colors of the dial are featured on this silver Rolex watch and the other gold and two-tone combinations are also available on this watch. Who viewed my instagram profile for free

A silver dial is highlighted by a bezel with 18 karat gold fluted bezel that helps in giving this watch the rich and luxurious look. A thick gold metal band is also featured along with a deployment clasp on the bezel and on the sides of the dial where the rose gold plated hands come in. The bezel is finished off with rolex gold hands and hour markers that make for an interesting addition to this model. Brown enamel which is embossed with a silver rose completes the overall look of the Rolex 16233 blue two tone watch.

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One of the great things about the Rolex 16233 blue two tone watch is that its bezel is textured. This feature helps in adding on to the glamour of the watch as it makes the bezel looks more interesting to look at. Another thing that is worth mentioning regarding the bezel is that it is textured on the inside and out and features a design that looks like an embossed flower. Some people have commented that the design looks like roses.


Rolex 16233 For the watch connoisseur, a perfect watch to express himself and impress others comes in the name of the Omega Rosetta Stone.

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