RM 21-01 aerodynamic tourbillon 2021 Eta Watch that will make its mark

RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodynamic 2021 Eta Watch Creates Its Character Exceptional interior design and innovative materials have given rise to an exceptional example in terms of RICHARD MILLE watch quality. The new RM 21-01 aerodynamic tourbillon watch inspires the aviation industry by using parts that meet exacting needs and designing watches that can withstand extreme conditions.

Carbon TPT – 42.68 x 50.12mm 5N rose gold carbon fiber, time, minutes, tourbillon, function selector, power storage, torque indicator, manual optimization movement RM21-01, HAYNES 214 blue PVD plate, power storage limited to 70 Watches, Sapphire Glass Mirror and Bottom Case, Water Resistant to 50 Meters, Rubber Straps, 50. Richard Mille has created a new case for the streamlined tourbillon watch RM 21-01. Intricate 5N rose gold case construction.

RM 21-01 aerodynamic tourbillon 2021 Eta Watch that will make its mark

The TPT Carbon is reinforced with a carbon fiber frame and shaft. This lightweight, high-strength composite is the result of using automated processes to stack hundreds of thin layers of carbon fiber, each layer of carbon fiber overlapping at a 45-degree angle, then heated in a high-pressure boiler to 120 degrees, and then processed with micron precision. Richard Mille illustrates the concept of aerodynamics by creating an orthogonal honeycomb crystal structure at the base using HAYNES 214 blue PVD-coated material.

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This reinforced chassis provides excellent chassis protection like armor and is securely held using 20 flower wrench screws. Carbon TPT is a unique looking carbon fiber that complements the red gold and blue gold base plate. The TPT carbon fiber material is still used in the center of the soleplate, and for the first time using the blue PVD-coated HAYNES – 214 material, an orthogonal honeycomb crystal structure is created on the soleplate, reflecting the airflow concept. This nickel-chromium ferroalloy can withstand temperatures above 955°C.

The back of the RM21-01 watch appreciates the hand-polished case of the movement.

Its high temperature resistance, antioxidant properties and traditional molding and assembly make it particularly suitable for materials used as engine combustion chambers. As a result, the RM 21-01’s base plate features optimum rigidity, low coefficients of thermal expansion and exceptional torsional strength, all of which are key features of the RICHARD MILLE watch. In the bridge plate material, the RICHARD MILLE movement team still selects the five-stage titanium alloy, which is an excellent biocompatible palladium-titanium alloy widely used in the aerospace industry, with high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance.

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The hair box and tourbillon bridge plate located in the center of the base plate, fixed in four arms on a sculpted circular base and decorated with Phnom Penh, provide optimum mechanical properties for rotating the moving parts in motion, while providing an unobstructed view of the beauty of the tourbillon. The movement is treated with 5N rose gold PVD, reflecting the contrasting changes in the case material and emphasizing the movement’s aeronautical style.

Get up close and personal with the honeycomb structure, the tourbillon frame and some of the movement parts on the dial.

A sapphire crystal dial lends a discreet look to the case of the hand-polished RM21-01 movement. The power tank display is at the 11 o’clock position and the torque indicator is at the 1 o’clock position. Second, it depicts the main hair shaft internal tension to improve the movement’s timing performance. At the 4 o’clock position there is a function selector that can be moved via the central button on the crown, and with a simple push you can switch from neutral (N) to smooth (W) and set the hourly time (H). The crown is made of carbon fiber and rose gold 5N Carbon TPT and comes with sequins in the same material as the white rubber strap RM 21-01 Eta Tourbillon Aerodynamics 2021

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From delicate hand-crafted coatings on the movement, including beveling, polishing, polishing and tilting, to the use of innovative technology and materials, and the incorporation of anti-gravity tourbillons, this new Limited Edition RM 21-01 aerodynamic tourbillon will explore new territories. RM 21-01 aerodynamic tourbillon 2021 Eta Watch that will make its mark

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