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We are together with one of the most beautiful and most wonderful things that can be opened and looked at, which must be taken as a great reference. Yes, we are talking about repair, maintenance, glass replacement and polishing of the Omega Flightmaster Cal 911 wristwatch. Our watch is 17 Swiss-made jewels. In her time, he was launched as a pilot and astronaut watch…

First of all, I would like to point out that; There is no other topic on the web for this model with such a large number of detailed images. Let the foreigners out of your hand take references from the Turks, right? 🙂

Normally, I don’t use precious watches like Omega very often, even if I did, I would refrain from posting them. Unfortunately, we come across people who value things more than people, and the work of moody people is also moody. After all this time and effort, we are a few years older because of those who got stuck in the smallest thing. Anyway, you already get the point 🙂

The reason for refraining from posting is not to open the door for the reasons I mentioned above, and not to give rewards to market traders, information thieves and those who are proud of what they bought from me.

However…yes, but it’s big…a few weeks ago, I watched that people started living in big cities by stripping themselves of some human traits. Instead of being humble and trying to be kind, instead of living knowledge and of course money in people’s eyes, instead of being as big as the ocean with a drop of information. Well, I was sad to see this situation. We left both the environment and the box blank.

When that was the case, I thought it would be helpful to post more and share more without getting stuck on certain things. Of course, you, our valued followers, will also have a great influence and contribution.

I mentioned in another article that I rarely buy rare watches from rare people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my valued and understanding customer who offered me this watch.

I actually arranged the post to be much longer, detailed, annotated, and more graphic, but unfortunately, due to some human reasons I’ve seen and regretted, I had to remove some important parts. It’s down from about 100 photos to 50 photos. I also scolded a little about this issue. I’m sure the reason is understandable.

I think this hasbihal enough. Now let’s move on to the actions …

I rarely write information during breaks, and it’s usually a photo stream.

As you can see on our watch, there are scratches and fog on the glass, and there is a black liquid substance on the edges. Everything will be erased when the operations are finished.

One of the crowns adjusts the inner frame, the other adjusts the second time.

Yes dirty I agree.

But take a look at this beauty 🙂

We take the crown, what kind of pollution awaits us, we cut it more or less.

Keep disassembling…

Have we been able to see the full joint green oxidation?

There is a trick after this photo. And I will not post the part where the main wheels are visible, the chassis is completely empty. I said why above.

The machine is completely disassembled and washed. While the washing continues, we will take care of the body and ingredients.

The crowns and studs are still in the middle. Of course we will not leave the safe without cleaning.

Yes, you should see the green configuration there. The inner frame does not work due to the effect of both its impact and the material under the glass. Everything will be erased.

Whatever was applied, it pours and coats all over 🙁

Well, I wouldn’t leave it like that, of course I cleaned it up 🙂

I also cleaned the inner edge, it turns very easily without getting stuck.

In the meantime, the machine was washed, dried, mostly assembled, and oiled. Complete…

It’s immaculate but itchy 🙂

I also wear the dial and hands. Most of the work has been completed.

The case has been treated with a matte strap. Scratches have been removed. I didn’t overdo it with a scratch on the cover. You had better not break her symmetry, this watch that will age even more …

Great pieces are waiting for you 🙂

Our customer supplied the glass and gasket by himself and sent it. Now we’re putting it down and getting close to the end.

how to shine

This image affects people in a different way. From that scratchy, liquid-fuzzy condition to this one….

I said this NATO strap would fit this watch, I tried it… I’m glad I tried it, I think it looks great… What do you think?

sling case…

And of course with the belt that comes with it…

Thank you very much for your time.

Your comment is very important to me and if possible I ask you to join the mail group and keep in touch via social media.

Greetings to all, my respect…

I hope to see you…

Petul Zir

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