Let the preparations begin with new wristwatches for back to school

It may not be necessary to talk at length, but preparations have begun for a healthy return to education that has been suspended since March 2020 due to the pandemic! There are only a few days left before the bell rings for students who want to sit at their desks, run around the schoolyard and meet their classmates. To get ready for the upcoming new stage of education, don’t forget to include another item on your list, which is just as important as books, notebooks, pens, and bags: motivation. Who can say no to a new wristwatch in preparation for a fresh start? You can also watch clockvesaat.com.tr Back to school You can take a look at the most special models of wristwatches that you can choose for your wedding and choose the one that suits you best!

Choices for Mini Mini and Hardworking Duo

If your child is going to school for the first time or needs a motivation to go back to school at the end of their distance learning year, you can consider gifting a wristwatch that makes them happy. At this point, Xonix signed forms are completely private choices. The XOX-EC002 model can be a good example of this. Back to school The model, which stands out with its design that will add color to the excitement, reveals an attractive look. The model reveals tortoise and chameleon details on its blue strap, and also makes a difference with the dial with colored indexes and hour and minute hands. Markers designed with clear numbers help your child learn the concepts of hours and minutes.

Unlike analog watches, the XOX-IA006 appeals to kids who are willing to use a functional wrist watch. With alarm, calendar, and stopwatch features, the model can help your child with things like measuring time and keeping track of time, and giving your child a dynamic look with its sporty design. This digital wrist watch, which has a blue strap and orange details on its case, can be your choice with a design that will especially appeal to boys. And you, too Back to school gifts If you are looking for it, you can visit Saatvesaat.com.tr now.

An exciting start to the new semester

Career goals begin to become clear, step by step, to students in high school. The most important need on the way to these career goals is undoubtedly motivation. motivational wristwatch It can be a fun component of this trip. The DZ1950 from Diesel may be a special choice for the male menu student who wants a stylish wristwatch for their start in school. The blue denim printed cord reflects the Diesel brand image, creating an eye-catching harmony with the model’s blue dial. A custom-designed, painted steel case complements the aesthetics of the DZ1950. The form with calendar window also earns users’ appreciation in terms of functionality. Back to school shopping A signed DZ1950 diesel, which you can add to your list, is waiting for you on Saatvesaat.com.tr.

Professional wristwatches for future professionals

Professionalism is of great importance for students who are starting their college life to take the biggest step in their career. As such, their wristwatches are also expected to have professional features. The WWC1001-04 model from Wesse Connect comes with features right for the job. useful smart watch The WWC1001-04 is also appreciated for its sporty, elegant design. The iOS and Android compatible model allows you to follow up on the phone’s notifications via the smartwatch at any time through the smartphone connection feature; With pedometer, heart rhythm measurement, blood pressure measurement and blood oxygen measurement features, it can be integrated into the lives of its users from every aspect.

If you want to share the happiness and motivation of your child or loved one who is continuing their academic life for the upcoming new education semester, you can visit Saatvesaat.com.tr and discover the back to school wristwatch models!

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