Keeping up with Classic Fashion with Milano X Change Watch Models

Being the capital of European fashion, culture and history, Milan also stands out for the elegance of its wristwatches. Taking its name from the leading fashion city Milan X change; It is inspired by Milanese (native of Milan) who are contrast, original, colorful and always follow fashion. It combines the elegance of the Duomo, Garibaldi walls, Orto Botanico parrots, and the unique gold touches of La Scala with impeccable Italian craftsmanship. Milan X changeIt offers bold and different designs as well as classic wristwatch models. You can also access the most interesting and interesting designs from the Italian watch brand and choose among the most elegant models.

Discover classic designs for women

Women who do not hesitate to show their strength and grace while keeping up with the pace of working life; Women who enjoy pushing boundaries in every moment of their lives and making the difference a routine… Inspired by the classic Milano X Change wristwatch designs, all women’s influences manifest themselves in the elegant lines of the models. The MEX1110 comes with a design in which these traces are clearly visible. Milano X Change Women’s Wristwatch Among its models, the white MEX1110 wristwatch features a gold-tone case and a white strap. The model, which bears these two prominent colors of the watch exterior on its dial, transforms simplicity into difference. On the other hand, the MEX1123 model draws attention with its indispensable colors of classic elegance. The model, which exemplifies elegance as a whole with its black mesh strap, gold case, and gold-tone dial, doesn’t compromise on its glamor with its glossy stoned dial.

The most beautiful shades of gray

There are some colors and hues within the infinite color gamut; They engrave themselves in memory with the meanings they represent throughout the ages. Among these colors, gray has managed to occupy a special place in the fashion world in almost every tone. The most special shades of gray with their meanings that represent strength, durability, mystery and harmony. Wristwatch Milan X change It finds its place in the models. The MEX1127 comes in front of you with a design that increases the self-confidence of female users. Revealed in its luster with its gray metallic strap and case, this model carries the look of respectful brown tones on the dial. Design features that bring modern harmony to a classic design approach are among the great aspects of the MEX1127. The MEX3136, on the other hand, uses the power of gray in a sporty design with a gray silicone strap. The gray metallic case and dark blue dial create the balanced look of this men’s wrist watch. Milan watch X change With these designs, models go beyond the use of the most elegant shades of gray and create exquisite harmony.

Relics of the past, the pursuit of the future

Milan holds an important place in the history of fashion, and is known as the city where the designs that shape the future of fashion were born with its rich history. Using this power, Milano X Change does not hesitate to blend the past and the future in a stunning way in men’s wrist watches. The MEX3196 men’s wristwatch model stands out as one of the important representatives of this business ability. While its black silicone strap and gray metal case lay the foundations for the classic watch design; The dial, designed with striking transitions between pink and mint green, reveals the unique aspects of the wristwatch. Milano X Change Men’s Wristwatch One of the models, the MEX3180 stands out boldly with its black straw strap and black case, and makes a difference with the green outer band surrounding its purple dial. Numerous wristwatch models that appeal to men who walk step by step into tomorrow with traces of yesteryear are included in Milano X Change’s extensive family of products.

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