Jacob & Co. Astronomia Replica Watch Model

Jacob & Co., which is one of the world’s leading brands and offers you the opportunity to carry a work of art on your arm with its attractive watches, is now preparing to impress you with the Astronomia series. We can say that the new collection, published in many fashion magazines and fashion blogs, is quite adept at blending together aesthetics and modern and somewhat marginal lines in the watches produced by the big famous company.

Of course, the use of the latest technology in such modern watches is not neglected. Attracts attention and whets the appetite of watch lovers. The visionary manufacturer, which does not hesitate to use technology to the fullest in its new Astranomia collection, is preparing to do justice to its motto, Carry the universe on your arm. It is clear that the new group, which is very ambitious, managed to attract attention with its high price scheme. The famous company, which always loves to use precious stones, jewelry and the most precious gold in its collections, is preparing to present a collection that will amaze and amaze its followers.

The stunning collections presented by Jacob & Co over the years attract the attention of watch enthusiasts, and each collection has a global impact and takes its rightful place in both social media and written sources. The company, which prepared its collection for the Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair, is preparing to leave its mark on the season with exquisite watches that distinguish themselves from their competitors, according to media reports. When it comes to the Jacob & Co brand, it is impossible not to mention the expensive stones and gold used in the watches. This time, the famous brand will not surprise you as it prepares to present its new collection of watches made of precious jewels, rose gold as well as technology. The precious metal that the company, which has used rose gold in its previous collections, has always used, especially when processing the case part of the watch, is known as rose gold.

The sun-shape used in the watch is crafted from a 1.5-carat stone. In addition, sapphire is used in the design of the hour and minute hands, and the base of the watch is made of star stone. As one of the famous company’s classic pieces, the heavy use of crystals on each side of the watch is one of the attention-grabbing elements. Promising you to carry your fortune on its arm, the company has already managed to spark curiosity with its eye-catching design.

Although the prices of the watches in the collection have not yet been announced, the price is expected to exceed one million according to the rumors behind the scenes. Company officials explained that these prices are completely normal during hours when fine workmanship and precious metals are generously used, and added that they should be open to surprises.

Scientists have announced that this year will be a recurring year for astronomy events. Jacob & Co took this statement as an opportunity and preferred to design a wonderful collection especially for this year. The company, which always comes up with incredible ideas and unique concepts, is also inspired by natural events and is preparing to display fantastic watches in line with the concept of people who carry the universe on your wrist. It was announced that the preparatory work for the company, which was always ready to reveal challenging and profound products in its watch designs, took two years.

It is clearly seen from the set of photos published by the company, that it does not hesitate to express its confidence in the group that it has prepared, and that it will push its competitors, both on their official websites and in the interviews provided. It was announced that the designers, who managed to insert the Milky Way into the watch, whose case diameter is 44.5, used 439 parts to maintain the movement of the watch. On the other hand, the world they dig gets attention because it completes its rotation in 60 seconds. Although striking, the fact that the watch can withstand 30 meters of water pressure is enough to reveal the best examples of quality.

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