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Fast-paced city life, intense work schedule and personal plans… You probably have an assistant who wants to help you at any moment in your daily routine and share with you many details about life that you would like to take into account. TicWatch On the other hand, it comes with smartwatch models designed for exactly that. TicWatch autograph smart watch with functional features developed to be a smart assistant can be your choice not only to be an assistant but also to reveal your style. All the other details? It all looks at just one smartphone connection.

TicWatchflour dEverything is easier in the world

TicWatch smartwatches, which have been on sale in many countries since 2015 by technology company Mobvoi, which has been a huge success in the global sense, have been awarded many awards for their superior design and functionality. The brand, which aims to touch many different areas of life and is concerned with facilitation for its users, also succeeds in gaining the appreciation of users both visually and in action through various series of TicWatch. Flagship TicWatch models TicWatch Pro 3 GPS And TicWatch E3 At this point, it was able to stand out with its groundbreaking features. Compatible with iOS and Android, TicWatch autographed smart watch models help you manage your phone with just a few touches, which constantly accompanies your daily life with smartphone integration. The most powerful processor designed for smartwatches, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100, models that feature a long-lasting battery and ample storage space, have enabled the brand’s industry success to gain visibility in most core areas. In order to offer user-friendly designs and high quality in every aspect TicWatch smart watch You can discover the latest models of the brand that produces models at!

Control at your fingertips

When you go for a run for your morning sports or at important meetings where you can’t control your phone, being able to provide complete control just by looking at your watch might be the relief you’re looking for. It is possible to view and control all your notifications with a single touch using TicWatch smartwatches. Whatever the circumstances, when you want to have this convenience, if you want to be able to control your watch with just a few touches, TicWatch smart watch models It may be on your wrist. TicWatch Pro 3 GPSIt combines functionality and ergonomics with features like a Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, Wear OS powered by Google, Retina AMOLED display technology, 1.4-inch FSTN, up to 454 x 454 pixels, GPS, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, Bluetooth 5.0, and IP68 certification. TicWatch E3With features like the Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, Wear OS powered by Google, 360 x 360 pixel resolution, GPS, 2.5D curved screen, Bluetooth 5.0, and IP68 certification, it delivers far more than your expectations. TicWatch GT And TicWatch GTX The models will accompany you all day and surprise you with their features.

Measurement features that will increase your awareness of every moment of life are also introduced with TicWatch. Models with features such as a pedometer, heart rate measurement, and blood oxygen measurement that you need to assess your exercise accompany your exercise routine. The models, which instantly measure the data you need and store in their memory, allow you to compare your frequent data, and help you control your body temperature with a skin thermometer feature. You can use the specially developed training modes for different sports activities, and you can take advantage of TicWatch while following the most optimal program for your training.

Elegance complemented by technology

While the features of TicWatch that add convenience to your life meet you with the latest technology, the design of the models combines futuristic touches with simplicity. Models with very simple strap, case and dial designs stand out for their flawless lines. Show your color with models that you can choose with color options like black, rose gold, white and gray. And you, too TicWatch smart watch Among the models, you can find the model that has the look and color that compliments your style, while adding elegance to your ensembles, you can add color to your life from every angle.

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