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In the article I wrote last week, I announced that we will now begin adding Hamilton watches to our collection. In the article that you can access here, I briefly told you about our watches in the Khaki Field collection. Our watches, each with a distinct feature, are the ones that Hamilton first developed in the United States in its nearly 100-year history and then modernized again through new Swiss owners. For this reason, Hamilton watches are generally associated with an American movie that we all love or know, and sometimes we refer to as the American military past. In this article, I will tell you about our watches in the Ventura, Jazzmaster and American Classic collections, which you will soon begin to see in practice in our stores.

Ventura Elvis 80 Skeleton Auto – H24535331

When the Hamilton Watch Company launched the revolutionary Ventura watch on January 3, 1957, it first surprised the world and then conquered the world. The world’s first electric watch, the Ventura, had another one. With her incredibly futuristic style, nothing quite like her has ever been seen in the world of watches. This trio of design, belonging to the star designer at the time, Richard Arbib, reveals its difference even today. Ventura’s most famous fan, of course, is the legendary Elvis Presley! Ventura has been referred to for years as the “Elvis watch.” Despite all these years, the Ventura group still reflects the past, present, and future with their break-up style and rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

The case known as the famous ‘Ventura Triangle’ has a skeletonized dial on this model and is made of black plated stainless steel.

The sapphire glass curves down on its right side and covers the Velantura’s signature winding electric dial.

The H-10-S movement, which you can see from the skeleton dial, has an 80-hour power reserve and takes 26,000 strokes with 25 jewels.

Jazzmaster cars

Combining tradition and innovation, the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection presents a brilliant blue sunray polished dial in this watch. With its sophisticated design, this watch, which you can choose for everyday work or evening style, has a patented anti-magnetic watch spring called NivachronTM which is highly sensitive. With its stainless steel case and foldable bracelet, this value watch features an automatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve. Our watch with hour markers and hour/minute illumination has a diameter of 40mm. The edges of the case are brushed, but the edges where the band connects to the watch and bracelet are polished with brush technology.

The dials and the hour/minute hands are illuminated at night

The stainless steel bracelet adds great value to our watch

The most striking feature of our watch is the dial color and classic design.

Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto – H32705142; H32705181; H32705551

Skeletal case or open-dial watches have been a feature we’ve seen on more expensive watches for a long time, but with these models in the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection, they both bring this great feature within reach and also make the Swiss-made automatic movement watchable. The movement seen through the apertures of the turquoise blue dial is an H-10 caliber with an 80-hour power reserve. The 42mm dial is specially designed and readable for those who want to show off the watch they have on their wrist. One of the features that adds extra value to our watch is the 22mm stainless steel bracelet. The model, which features various options of dial colors and bracelets in the collection, has a black dial, steel dial and versions with soft leather straps.

Our turquoise blue dial form

Our model has a leather strap with a brown buckle and a steel-colored dial

Our black phone call form

American Classic Pan Europe Die Auto – H35405741

A true American classic, the first and original version of the watch appeared in 1971, before the Hamilton even became a Swiss watch. Although it doesn’t quite match the Legendary Edition, it still retains that cool retro feel and with two different bracelets, it becomes a must-add watch for style conscious gentlemen’s collections. The cushion cover, which was particularly favored by everyone in the early days of its release, has been preserved and sits very comfortably on our wrists with its slanting ears. The blue swivel bezel is prominent and has a slim design. There is a day and date indication on the blue dial, polished with Sunray technology.

3 holes are drilled on the black leather strap and the sporty look is enhanced.

A truly retro design with hour/minute hands and a large blue dial.

Pan-Europ text appears outside the dial’s day and date window

The edges of the case are matte with brush technology, but the corners are polished with a glossy finish.

The NATO strap that goes around the back of the open case is smooth.

The pin buckle holes are designed with leather and made more durable.

The 42mm cushion sleeve fits very comfortably on the wrist thanks to the inward curved ears.

American Classic Intramatic Auto Chrono – H38416711

Resembling that special 1968 design, our watch has a sporty “panda” dial and is one of the classic watches in beige and black color combinations. Our vintage watch, which will have the feel of the ’60s, was sold in 2017 as a limited edition version of the original, and Hamilton designers have developed this watch that will continue to make subtle changes to the design of that watch. The dial, which is produced slightly smaller than the Limited Edition, will fit comfortably on your wrist at a size that we can quite tell a fan of sports watches.

The Crown and Stopwatch buttons are also polished as the case edges.

The soft calfskin strap that gives our watch a classic feel is 18mm and has a pin buckle.

Our watch has a 60-hour power reserve with the H-31 standard.

Brightly polished stainless steel case

American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

American Classic Intermatic Automatic – H38425720

Our watch, another in the Intra-Matic series, is right here in front of us with the simple shape of the dial, which has ditched the tachymeter on the chrono and bezel and steered clear of the sporty atmosphere. Our watch, combined with the harmony of the beige dial and black bezel in gentle colors, which we will not see in many watches, is a great watch for those who love minimal designs with its soft calfskin strap. The watch you want to see on your wrist at important meetings during the day or at night in style, the H-10 comes with an 80-hour power reserve movement. The 40mm case wraps around your wrist with an 18mm pin buckle leather strap that wraps around the ear 20mm wide.

The perimeter of the case is exquisitely polished again

The beige dial has a date window only in 6 directions.

Hamilton’s classic American Intra-Matic

American Classic Intermatic Automatic – H38455751

You’re looking at the signature design of classic elegance in the Hamilton American Classic Collection. There’s nothing but a date window at 6 o’clock that will strain your eyes and the chain’s signature “Intra-Matic” writing on the Sunray brushed silver dial. The hour/minute hands, which are roughly the same width, merge with the hour markers extending toward the center of the dial as it makes its rounds. In order to adapt to this particular minimalist design of the watch, the seconds hand has not been placed. Our 38mm watch features a smooth goatskin leather strap with a pin buckle. The Swiss caliber ETA 2892-2 has a power reserve of 50 hours.

Open the back of our watch that will wrap around your wrist with its gorgeous leather strap.

A good choice for those who like minimal designs

American Classic PSR Digital Quartz – H52414130

The conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City on May 6, 1970 was a very important event in the history of watchmaking because Hamilton was introducing the first digital electronic watch in history to the world. Although for us today a small computer with an LCD screen that can display the time without ringing the clock is not very cool, many important people in the 1970s such as Elvis Presley, Keith Richards, Joe Frazier, Elton John and Giovanni Agnelli At the time, the fee was astronomical $2,100, and it used up the first 400 models sold in the first week. Opening a whole new page to the concept of watchmaking and a modern adaptation of a 50-year-old watch, this model is housed in a stainless steel case, ideal for those who want to go back to the future.

Its stainless steel case and 24mm ear-width stainless steel bracelet add a retro touch.

We see the numbers glow red seeing the LCD reflected in the black dial.

The matte finish of the brush-tech case adds extra value to the watch.

Hamilton American Classic PSR Digital Quartz

Honestly, my favorite Hamilton watches were from the American Classic collection. Of course, there are some watches I loved in the Khaki Field collection, which I shared last week, but in this article, there are two models I’ve been thinking about repeatedly as I sort through their photos and information for you. I won’t write this in this article, but I think I will make that confession in my Instagram post that I will be sending out tomorrow. We will start putting all the watches in our showcases as of April 15th, but as far as I know from Mr. Turan our 3 to 4 watch models are already sold out with pre-orders, but don’t worry. Now we have a Hamilton too, and we’ll make quick orders in line with your requests. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share your favorite models in the comments section, sir!

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