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In this article, we will see the troubleshooting of the Emporio Armani AR5947 watch, which came to our service with a non-working complaint.

The watch came at our service with the seconds hand moving but unable to move forward. These types of situations are usually the result of scraping gear or getting stuck in dirt. We open our watch and start the review and transactions;

While removing the black bezel of the watch, rust catches our eye. When we remove it, we can see that the bottom of the dial is also affected. The watch got water and the rusting process started.

We take out the dial and open it first from the front.

After getting the different gears, we can easily see that the white gear at the bottom left, which you will see below, has been forced.

There is a blocking object here and we will remove it.

We disassemble the machine from the back and get to the magnet wheel and the place where the white wheel that we mentioned before is located.

We unscrew the coil and take out the magnet wheel with the surrounding part.

This is exactly what prevents our clock from working. As much as a pinch of black pepper…

The piece of dust next to it is smaller than that. These pictures were taken with a microscope.

This tiny particle caused the magnet’s wheel to be unable to rotate completely, and seemed to vibrate for a second by making it move back and forth constantly.

The damage is probably caused by the water…we replace it too, in case the magnetic wheel is broken.

Now we will collect all the parts and turn off the clock.

After placing the hands, they remain under control for about a day and after confirming the result, we make the watch ready for delivery.

Thank you for your valuable time, see you in new articles. I wish you a happy day.

Petul Zir

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