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In this article, we are talking about the repair and maintenance of an Edox brand automatic wristwatch. Watch with Swiss movement AS 2066 and Turkish calendar dial.

Over time, its operation was affected due to lack of maintenance and rusting occurred.

Let’s start with the pictures now…

We open the lid and the rust revives us…

It’s hard not to think of those rusty crumbs getting into the machine, too.

We begin to disassemble the device.

We disassemble the rotor, automatic system, balance, fork and continuation.

We can see dirt and rust particles on the main wheel part.

We also dismantle and completely demolish the calender part. In the meantime, we’ll polish the case.

before and after…

Our case work was completed, and the machine was clean. We’re going to the pool.

Our watch is beautiful, its maintenance is finished, and it will continue to live like a sparkling Edox 🙂

We hope the owner enjoys using it.

Thanks for your time.

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Regards loves…

Petul Zir

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