Compatibility, control and power on your wrist with Wesse Connect Smartwatches

While wearable technologies began to be used by a large audience globally; In line with developing needs and expectations, many functional innovations have become part of these technologies. Wes Connect On the other hand, it has started to make a difference in its class with its latest models in order to respond to these expectations in the best way and to attract the tastes of its users with amazing designs. With Wesse’s range of smartwatches, Wesse Connect, which clearly shows the difference between classic and sporty watch models, you can carry harmony, control and power on your wrist.

Classic WES style meets delivery performance

Wesse Connect’s eye-catching designs can be an ideal choice for those who keep their style in a classic line and want to complement their collections with a stylish wristwatch without sacrificing their style. The WWC2020-02 model, which combines the functionality of a smartwatch with the aesthetics of a classic, elegant wristwatch, stands out as proof of this. The model, which clearly reveals its eye-catching figure with its gray metallic wicker strap, complements your style with a metallic gray case and digital dial that you can configure to your taste. It has a 1.09 inch IPS screen. Wesse Connect smart watch It also provides the power of control you need through its touch screen. With a pedometer and multi-sport mode, WWC2020-02, which enables you to effectively monitor your activities as well as your daily life, it accompanies you all day long with a battery capacity of 190 mAh.

Shine in every moment, never miss a moment

WWC2010-02, which is among the great models of the Wesse Connect family, appeals to those who want eye-catching elegance at every moment of the day and do not want to miss a moment. The model reveals the classic design line in general, clearly revealing its sporty aesthetics. Striking a modern flair with its black silicone strap and gray metallic metal case, this model brings elegance to your wrist and fingertips with its digital dial. rope hook wisBlending this elegance created with its case and port with multiple functions, it can be fully integrated into the lives of its users. The model that transfers the image of a smartwatch to its dial with the classic watch aesthetic, leaves you the choice that suits your taste with a changeable interface and allows you to follow the data of heart rate, step and body temperature you want to follow your daily routine at any time. In addition to adding style to your everyday ensembles, the model includes the tracking functionality you need for your sporting activities. Features of Wesse Connect It answers all your inquiries.

Designs that combine futurism and simplicity

No matter what your daily routine is, when you want to feel special and ready for every moment, being elegant with simplicity is the ideal choice. Today, this quintessential model, which is also called “practical elegance” or “easy elegance”, is also combined with technological capabilities, and I came across the WWC1002-01, one of the standout models on Wesse Connect. The model, designed to successfully adapt to your work life, sports and everyday activities, has a black appearance throughout. contained in this form Features of the Wesse Connect smartwatch It allows you to effectively record your activity data and allows you to review it at any time through the normal digital communication design. Providing the space you need in terms of touch control with a 1.3-inch TFT HD display, the model successfully helps you at any time of the day.

Now you are too, with its technological features and cool designs that are shaping the future. Wesse Connect smart watch models You can visit to choose from; You can quickly buy the model you want.

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