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While the world is going through a great change; Things have gone wrong for most of us lately. Although the idea of ​​quarantine was not bad at first, we started to have difficulties as time progressed. We missed our workplaces, our school. Even mothers miss the times when their children go to school (!). At first, we wanted to “evaluate the epidemic process efficiently,” but eventually we gave up and left ourselves on the couch at home. No matter what we’ve been through, we’ll remember the pandemic process through social media. All these, our only door to the world; We shared it on social media. What did we do during this process? A brief overview of our lives in our homes during the pandemic!

1# Classic Quarantine Bread

Before the pandemic process, most of us didn’t have time to cook. It came to a head when we were denied our favorite restaurant! We started making our favorite dishes with our unique presentations. When we were trying to make bread ourselves, things got out of hand! Our Instagram homepage was full of bread. The whole world learned how to make bread. Not making bread at the end of the process became a rarity.

If you tried making bread and it didn’t work, these pictures will make you feel good!

2 # The door of the world “Zoom”

When we were talking about working from home and remote education, Zoom suddenly became a part of our lives. meetings and trainings over time; It turned into webinars, friend chats, and even zoom parties. We haven’t had fun moments in the Zoom app, which suddenly hosts our workplace, school, entertainment venue and even our family chats!

Couple Pinar Gurkan and Mutlu Toksuz held henna night online due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, the police teams came to the house to inspect the mass entertainment complaint.

Our virtual starter is also reflected in business meetings!

“We work from home…Day one, ironed shirt and clean jeans, live today! Tracksuit for day two, same underwear as yesterday…questioning what it means to shower and shave on day three…doing the first two teleconferences from bed.” On the fourth day…”

All ‘work from home’ meetings so far:

“Excuse me..yes come please…excuse me, what did you say?…of course…I’m listening……the sound is gone?..

5 people talking at the same time.

Suddenly everyone fell silent…

are you online? I think they did not come? Is the microphone off? Well…thanks…have a nice day! “

Zoom meetings: audio only vs. Video

3# Boredom cannot be avoided!

Quarantine undoubtedly means something different for everyone. Longing for family, longing for a lover, home office, online education, cooking… For some, it has only one meaning: “boredom.”

The methods developed by those whose boredom reached its peak made us all laugh.

4# Choose your Quarantine House

What do you think about staying home for months? In fact, the answer to this question depends on who we are going to quarantine. There were also those who were very happy during the process, who were looking forward to everything getting back to normal.. If I wanted to go into quarantine with celebrities, who would those names be? The trend of choosing your own quarantine home has become so popular that you must have answered this many times before!

5 # The people who stayed in their homeland came for themselves!

Air pollution, noise pollution, traffic, rubbish lying on the ground… Cities took a breather when people pulled back into their homes. So we got fresh air for a while. Although this is an indisputable fact; It wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t get some humor from it.

6# stone pattern

At the start of the pandemic process, barbers and hairdressers were the first places to close. Seeing the results, “How hard is it to cut the hair?” We have learned the answer to the question.

7 # dalgona coffee

A new trend is spreading from South Korea to the world! It is also known as TikTok coffee. With cafe chains shutting down, those craving a coffee; They tried the Dalgona coffee. There is almost no one who does not know anything about Dalgona coffee, which many of us were not aware of before the pandemic. If you haven’t tried it yet, we won’t deprive you of Dalgona coffee in quarantine days. Don’t forget to take a picture and share it!

8# We reinterpret famous artworks

Exhibitions, theaters and cinemas are closed. All major events around the world have been cancelled. After being deprived of art and entertainment for so long, everyone is creative!

9# distance learning

The pandemic was as unexpected a disaster for the world of education as it was for anyone else. While the lessons were compensated by online education, the teachers and students had funny moments.

Me in Zoom class: “Uff, why isn’t this teacher finished yet?”

Teacher: “Dude, you probably want to turn off the microphone.”

“In the first lesson of the day, the professor asked us all to turn on our microphones to adjust the magnification settings. Now this class has begun, we are listening to two people breathing deeply and one person eating potato chips.”

“Is my teacher okay? (Mathematics lesson at 3:00 at night)”


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